On Suffering

  “Why do bad things happen?” “Why is there suffering in the world?” My friend John Shore addressed his version of this question earlier this week in his blog entry entitled: “How can I believe in God, when so many innocent people suffer?” From John I am learning, among other things, that I have a great deal more to […]

Footprints in the Forest

  I have always been weird. I know this. I just don’t struggle against it anymore. I don’t care that I’m weird. I LIKE being weird. It says more about others whom it troubles than it does about me that it does not. I think. However, if one is going to be weird, then own it […]

Sol de Gloria

Have you noticed the moon the last few nights? It’s been amazing. Full, orbital, voluptuously round, and vivid. Crisp. Grand. Mesmerizing. As I drove my youngest to school this morning, the 9 to 2 o’clock portion of the sun was filtering its way up through the early morning mist, drawing me in – golden, hazy, […]

Higher Ground

Over the weekend, I visited our local independent film house with my dearest friend to see a film she had suggested. When she pitched it to me, she knew little about it including the title; so, I could honestly say I hadn’t heard of it. As I went searching for theater listings and show times, […]