Love and the Butter Lid

  I’ve had to learn unconditional love the hard way: from my children. As the lone early riser in the family, I am grateful the nine-year-old is now tall enough to reach the plates in the cupboard and skilled enough to make cinnamon toast by himself (with the help of chopsticks for extracting hot bread) […]

The Tooth Fairy Has No Money and Other Lesser Difficulties of Parenting

  Alright. Here’s the behind the scenes view of parenthood.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kid looses tooth. Yay! While thinking: Oh, crap. Do we have any money? Find tooth fairy pillow in brother’s closet. Prominently display in room. Kid goes to bed fast as lighting. Yay! Parents scrounge house, car and wallet to scrape together $2 in […]

Struggling Against Reality

************************************************************ My youngest has a hate – hate relationship with the laws of physics. He has since he was a toddler, trying with great effort to do things that are impossible and getting terribly frustrated when the impossible doesn’t work out. Like the times he has tried diligently to stack spheres, attempted to attach opposite […]

A Rose By Any Other Name

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Nashville, TN, 2012 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sleep and the Budget Deficit

Recently, my husband asked me why we were so tired. “Sleep deprivation,” I told him. “Still?” he asked. “Yes. Still. For the past ten years we’ve been accumulating a budgetary sleep deficit.” “Ah,” he said. “And it won’t be rectified until we offset it with a sleep surplus.” “How do we accomplish that?” he asked. […]