No Greater Love: A Mother’s Reflection on Good Friday

  Growing up Baptist, I never identified very closely with Mary, but I was never really given the opportunity. Mary didn’t receive much credit within our religious community outside her role in the Christmas story; a great disservice, I think. It was after I left that denomination and had a child of my own that […]

For Sally

A year ago, L.A. had it’s hottest day on record and we lost a dear friend.

Sleep and the Budget Deficit

Recently, my husband asked me why we were so tired. “Sleep deprivation,” I told him. “Still?” he asked. “Yes. Still. For the past ten years we’ve been accumulating a budgetary sleep deficit.” “Ah,” he said. “And it won’t be rectified until we offset it with a sleep surplus.” “How do we accomplish that?” he asked. […]

The Bond of Motherhood

I spent this past Mother’s Day at what is fast becoming a cherished event with one of my favorite people doing some of what I enjoy most. It was this time last year that I made my maiden voyage to the Chautauqua Institution in Western New York with my dearest friend. This year was an encore […]