“There was a time…

  … before fear, [when] love was the only song you knew.” – Danny Dummitt I’m Christy Caine. I’m Scott’s cousin. I’m the one in the pigtails and the patent leather shoes. He’s the one with those eyes. As I thought about what I wanted to say today, I realized that Scott is one of […]

Love and the Butter Lid

  I’ve had to learn unconditional love the hard way: from my children. As the lone early riser in the family, I am grateful the nine-year-old is now tall enough to reach the plates in the cupboard and skilled enough to make cinnamon toast by himself (with the help of chopsticks for extracting hot bread) […]

No Greater Love: A Mother’s Reflection on Good Friday

  Growing up Baptist, I never identified very closely with Mary, but I was never really given the opportunity. Mary didn’t receive much credit within our religious community outside her role in the Christmas story; a great disservice, I think. It was after I left that denomination and had a child of my own that […]

The Fat French Farmer

We had bacon for breakfast. This used to be a rare treat. Like once-a-year rare. But we decided we really liked bacon, and it would be reasonable to enjoy it in less modest moderation. A long time ago, in the midst of recognizing and admitting our participation in the American Rat Race, my husband and I […]

For Sally

A year ago, L.A. had it’s hottest day on record and we lost a dear friend.