This Too Shall Pass

Here is for what school and parents and no one ever prepares us:

Prayer for New Beginnings

Step into the dawn. Cut the cord. Pull the plug. Break the chains that tie and bind. Walk free like Nelson Mandela released from prison into the possibility of a new path where enemies are surprised by grace. Life, in its misery and delight, has led you here. All is learning. Let go the past. […]

The Truth Will Set You Free: This is Water

In  2005, writer David Foster Wallace, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, presented the commencement address at Kenyon College. It set the bar for speakers for decades to come for how one might inspire new generations of graduates in creative and unconventional ways to not only engage the world in a meaningful way, but to face what he […]

On Suffering

  “Why do bad things happen?” “Why is there suffering in the world?” My friend John Shore addressed his version of this question earlier this week in his blog entry entitled: “How can I believe in God, when so many innocent people suffer?” From John I am learning, among other things, that I have a great deal more to […]

The Fat French Farmer

We had bacon for breakfast. This used to be a rare treat. Like once-a-year rare. But we decided we really liked bacon, and it would be reasonable to enjoy it in less modest moderation. A long time ago, in the midst of recognizing and admitting our participation in the American Rat Race, my husband and I […]

Truth and Consequences

                 I’m two and half years into writing a book. It was supposed to take one. Best laid plans and all that. It’s been difficult because I’m telling the truth. Sometimes the truth is difficult because of how bad it is. Sometimes the truth is difficult because of […]

Struggling Against Reality

************************************************************ My youngest has a hate – hate relationship with the laws of physics. He has since he was a toddler, trying with great effort to do things that are impossible and getting terribly frustrated when the impossible doesn’t work out. Like the times he has tried diligently to stack spheres, attempted to attach opposite […]

Plucky Observations

A very nice lady saw I was struggling in the grocery store the other day and offered me her reading glasses. They were helpful. It seems quite the conspiracy, though, that at the very same time our near vision begins to fade our eyebrows decide to go rogue. Copyright © 2012. Christina Caine. All rights reserved.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Nashville, TN, 2012 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Footprints in the Forest

  I have always been weird. I know this. I just don’t struggle against it anymore. I don’t care that I’m weird. I LIKE being weird. It says more about others whom it troubles than it does about me that it does not. I think. However, if one is going to be weird, then own it […]