“There was a time…

  … before fear, [when] love was the only song you knew.” – Danny Dummitt I’m Christy Caine. I’m Scott’s cousin. I’m the one in the pigtails and the patent leather shoes. He’s the one with those eyes. As I thought about what I wanted to say today, I realized that Scott is one of […]

They’re Writing Songs of Shoes, But Not for Me

One day you awake and realize one of the shoes you have is full of holes. It took a long time, yet it was a surprise. You figure out that other shoes will do. So, you slide into another shoe. And keep going. Down the road, that shoe goes missing. One’s resources are a bit […]

On Meeting Roger Rosenblatt

This summer we vacationed at the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York. One of the wonderful things about Chautauqua is the access you get to the speakers. There are multiple opportunities to get up close and ask questions whether it’s during the morning radio show broadcast from the porch of Hultquist where many of them […]

For Sally

A year ago, L.A. had it’s hottest day on record and we lost a dear friend.

Looking Back: A Reflection Ten Years Later

I was never angry, though I remember how the sky was quiet and how startling the sound of an airplane engine was when I heard it again for the first time….and my profound sense of grief. And the next day, I confirmed, what I already knew to be true; and that truth, seven months later, […]

Sometimes It Doesn’t Turn Out How We Think It Will

That’s what my friend tells me about the future. And she tends to be right. Darnedest thing about wise and insightful friends. Nine weeks ago today, my husband was talking to his aunt, our dear friend, on the phone while she was waiting at the bus stop for her daughter to return at the end […]

The Sound of Silence

I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is on grief. Nor if Emily Post has a chapter on what’s appropriate for the social networking age. But I know that my PhD in children’s literature and office roommate friend who has become my firm but soggy shoulder of late has said, “No one talks about […]

A Grief Observed

The hardest gifts to return are the ones we love the most. We speak of interruptions……as if traffic jams, snow storms, and computer glitches mattered. But they do not. They are temporal, transient – fixable, recoverable. Some interruptions are not so. They are the sort that make time melt like a Salvador Dali painting and […]