The Fat French Farmer

We had bacon for breakfast. This used to be a rare treat. Like once-a-year rare. But we decided we really liked bacon, and it would be reasonable to enjoy it in less modest moderation. A long time ago, in the midst of recognizing and admitting our participation in the American Rat Race, my husband and I […]

What Matters and Registering to Vote

We visited my eighty-five year old grandmother yesterday. She lives in an integrated, multicultural, working class town in the Midwest that refuses to die. We lost Grandpa in January. The side table by her recliner has become a shrine, home to his award pins and belt buckles from a lifetime of service to Davey Tree, […]

For Sally

A year ago, L.A. had it’s hottest day on record and we lost a dear friend.

The Bond of Motherhood

I spent this past Mother’s Day at what is fast becoming a cherished event with one of my favorite people doing some of what I enjoy most. It was this time last year that I made my maiden voyage to the Chautauqua Institution in Western New York with my dearest friend. This year was an encore […]