Love and the Butter Lid

Making Toast

Making Toast


I’ve had to learn unconditional love the hard way:

from my children.

As the lone early riser in the family, I am grateful the nine-year-old is now tall enough to reach the plates in the cupboard and skilled enough to make cinnamon toast by himself (with the help of chopsticks for extracting hot bread) so he can ward off hunger until the rest of us emerge from slumber.

Inherent to his toast-making is the application of Murphy’s Law: The butter lid always ends up butter side down.

We’ve discussed this.
Many times.

And, every time, the results are the same.


There are certain things that annoy me like no other: pen-clickers, lip-smackers, ice-crunchers, chair-kickers, finger-lickers…

We are related to some of them. My husband tells me this is an endearing quality – a loveable quirk.

I have been thus far unmoved to agree with him.

The butter lid hasn’t annoyed me as much as has the inconvenience of cleaning the butter off of the counter.

I’ve explained this preventive step to the nine-year-old.

To no avail.


Today this was the post toast-making scene.

And today – for the first time – I smiled, and shook my head and said to myself, “I love that boy.”

Some of us are slower to learn unconditional love than others.
Children, gratefully, are persistent and patient teachers.

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  1. Scott Caine says:

    Laughing to myself …. you have a wonderful gift .. you tell stories so well and see the exceptional and remarkable in the everyday. How lovely.

    ... on July September 14th, 2013
  2. Sharon Sauer says:

    Yes, you are cetainly a gifted story teller! Love your writing! Hugs!

    ... on July September 14th, 2013
  3. Sharon Sauer says:

    I meant “certainly” :)!

    ... on July September 14th, 2013
  4. Jen Trost says:

    This is great! I love your timing. I also love your revelation! Truly awesome.

    We truly can never make someone see life through our eyes, but we are given many opportunities to change our perspective to see the person through eyes more perfect than our own.

    Love with no condition:
    Not just loving someone for what good they bring to us, or withholding love because their limiting qualities don’t meet our own standards, but to accept the other person fully just as they are and extend love freely without expectation.

    After all, how many things do we not ‘get’ that other people see? Don’t we all desire acceptance for just who we are?

    Might it be possible that we are brought together with the particular people in our lives for the purpose of learning to love through different eyes – as only that person, relationship, or situation can reveal to us?

    This has been the focus of my thoughts for a few years now. Thank you for your story! Who knew how beautiful a butter lid could be?

    ... on July September 15th, 2013

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