The Tooth Fairy Has No Money and Other Lesser Difficulties of Parenting

Fairy Land Art by Edward Reginald Frampton (1872-1923) (Démons et Merveilles (E.Brasey)) Public domain {{PD-1923}}


Alright. Here’s the behind the scenes view of parenthood.  


Kid looses tooth.


While thinking: Oh, crap. Do we have any money?

Find tooth fairy pillow in brother’s closet. Prominently display in room.

Kid goes to bed fast as lighting.


Parents scrounge house, car and wallet to scrape together $2 in coins.

Parents wait for kid to be good and asleep.

Kid wakes up for no reason, wanders half asleep around house.

Parents help kid go back to bed.

Parents do administrivia.

Parents remember we didn’t put the tooth in the tooth pillow.

Parents look house over high and low for the tooth in a baggie that kid carried around all afternoon.



Parent sneaks into bedroom and puts coins in pillow.

While thinking: What’s my cover story going to be tomorrow morning when invariably it will be the kid who finds the tooth in the baggie before we do.


Tooth Fairy responsibilities have proven to be one of the more surprising difficulties of this job.


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  1. scott caine says:

    I resemble that comment

    ... on July May 12th, 2013
  2. Debbie Caine says:

    Cover story: Tooth fairies know when the tooth comes out, and they come. Sometimes tooth gets swallowed or lost but that does not matter to the ever smart tooth fairy!

    ... on July May 12th, 2013

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