Sometimes It Doesn’t Turn Out How We Think It Will

That’s what my friend tells me about the future. And she tends to be right. Darnedest thing about wise and insightful friends. Nine weeks ago today, my husband was talking to his aunt, our dear friend, on the phone while she was waiting at the bus stop for her daughter to return at the end […]

Awareness, Unawareness, and the Shared Experience of Strangers

I didn’t notice them enter the bathroom behind me nor slip into their separate stalls.  In fact, I never saw them.  I can’t tell you what they looked like nor what they were wearing, yet there was something oddly familiar about them.  I did notice that they were two; they were together; and they seemed […]

The Wealthy You Will Have With You Always

“Eradicate Entitlement” It was the longest bumper sticker I’d ever seen, about eighteen inches in length and was accompanied by a separate smaller one: a white oval with the bold black letters ACK, the kind people take home from their favorite vacation destinations. Cryptic, I thought. Other than a purple lotus flower with a green stem […]

The Sound of Silence

I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is on grief. Nor if Emily Post has a chapter on what’s appropriate for the social networking age. But I know that my PhD in children’s literature and office roommate friend who has become my firm but soggy shoulder of late has said, “No one talks about […]